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It starts with a visual scanner that recognizes items without having to read the UPC code. Our solution easily integrates with any POS system, including self-checkout. A smart camera is flush-mounted in the checkout lane, continuously watching for items. When an item is detected and recognized using our patented ViPR® technology, its UPC information is sent directly through an Ethernet connection to the POS. The cashier verifies the items that were found under the basket and continues to close the transaction. The item can remain under the basket, and with LaneHawk BOB, you are assured to get paid for it.

Detect and recognize

Proprietary image recognition technology sees and identifies BOB items.

Send info to POS

The UPC codes of the recognized items are sent via Ethernet to the POS and automatically added to the transaction.

Add to transaction

The cashier accepts or clears the detected items to complete the sale.

Decrease Shrinkage
Why recognizing the item is paramount

LaneHawk recognizes the specific item under the cart. It can tell the difference between a 12-pack of Coke and a 12-pack of Pepsi. It can recognize the item and ring it up without having to see the barcode. Why is item-level recognition the most important component of a BOB loss system? Because if you recognize the item, you can put that item into the current POS transaction and stop the transaction until the cashier accepts or scans in the item that was identified. Item-level recognition and a tight integration into the POS system results in a BOB loss system that eliminates almost all BOB loss. Systems which don't recognize the item and add it to the transaction are much easier for a cashier to get around.

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